The Forsaken EP

by Make Haste to Mutiny

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released November 18, 2013

Recorded By Alex Telfer
Mix & Mastered By Hunter Bennett



all rights reserved


Make Haste to Mutiny London, Ontario

Make Haste To Mutiny is a London/St.Thomas, Ontario based metal band that was the brain child of our guitarist, Jordon Chatten, but didn't come into fruition until 2012. Caught somewhere between the stars and the sea, with life threatening drum fills, dark, heavy guitar riffs, groovy bass lines and aggressive vocals and lyrics that tie into our views as a band. ... more

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Track Name: Dolorous
Put a bulet
in my brain
i've gone
terribly insane

And i
and i was born
in this world
but i
didn't choose
to live here


curse this

i am
so done with
all of this
Track Name: The Ventriloquist
I once heard
a plot to bomb the well
and poison
the water

we won't be stopped from all of your missions
we won't be framed
they can't control us
we are stronger than them
we are the fucking masses

now we march for blood
I am no longer
out in this fucking world
you won't become selfish like the rest

burn everything
i won't be left dead
i speak for everyone
when i say
This isn't the end.

not the end

we will not be stopped
we will rise up
You don't know
how long i
Have waited
to take you on
to take you on

You control all of the strings
But i have been cut loose

you won't regret a thing
from the depths of doom
i will not bow down to your selfish set of rules

Rise up
Rise up
we are standing as one
you can't and never will
this is the message we
are laying down forever
Track Name: The Forsaken
Fake Friend
You're just a sheep in wolfs clothing

Following all of the trends
You will never be unique
No identity
Nothing to show for yourself
You're just a copy

you mean nothing
you are just a pathetic prick
you will amount to nothing
and i will always remember
Those times when i stood by your side
through thick and thin
i am here
through thick and thin

you changed and its not
what i wanted
to become

and in the end
and in the end
i won't save you
and now
and now
you won't be by my
by my side
you won't be
here with me
here with me anymore

Now your taking this place
and this is the end
we won't
forever be the same

you just disguise yourself
like everyone else

you've lost your way
and you won't come back
tossed out

you might not be different
thinking i won't jump
and i won't be stopped
and i won't let this go


i will expose you
for the cheap thing that you are

i will bring you out from
you're little dream land
Track Name: Lifeforms
We rise
open up
and take it in

we are just living beings in a fucked up world
and i don't know
anything anymore

i live and breathe
but i will never
compromise what i believe

we're just living in a world

you will never be
like this
time to bleed

and i will never be mistaken for you

this isn't how i wanted
to spend the rest of my days

for anyone else
but you know
and i know
this isn't the end

in this life
we are all the same

we used to be everything
everyone wanted
but now were
just a burnt out match

we all
we all are
we all are lifeforms

Just living
and i will never be
we are the genocide

nothing will exist

this life worth living free
we all once were
what they are

bring it in
nows not the time
to put up with this shit

this is my life
you will not
be immortal